Arts and Culture: Cameroon honours her ambassadors

The fourth edition of the National Artistic and Cultural season of Cameroon, RECAN, has been launched in Yaounde by the Prime Minister and Head of Government Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.


The event considered a unifying factor, was a display of cultures and artistic displays of all four cultural zones, ten regions and 52 divisions of Cameroon.

Thousands of men and women of culture, clad in flamboyant attires throng the National museum as commitment to the fatherland.

In 23 disciplines, Cameroon’s art, craft and culture was put on display through a series of performances in music, dance, cinema, fashion designing, beauty, craft, photography and culinary art among others.

Opening the 20 day activity The Prime minister, accompanied by the Minister of Arts and Culture Bidoung Mpatt, made a rallying call for artists to stand strong against any force capable of destabilizing Cameroon’s Peace and unity.
Quoting the head of state, the Prime Minister intimated;

“Our common goal is to build Cameroon. We must all participate in the construction of a national heritage. We must all fight whatever threatens our unity”.


As a show of esteem, the Head of Government decorated seven men and women who have earned international recognition in the domain of culture with Special Distinctions.
They include five actors of the cinema industry,
# Gerald Essomba Many, actor and African Film Icon
# Dikongue Pipa Film maker # Edouard Elvis Bvouma; comedian
# Quinta Ashu Eyong actress #Alenne Menget

Amongst them were two authors;
# Djaili Amadou Amal #Jeanne Liliane Mani Mendouga.

They were urged to serve as inspiration to the younger artists.
A carnival and exhibition stands fully display the splendour and riches of the Cameroonian art, craft and culture.
The National Artistic and Cultural season continues for 20 days at the National Museum.


During this time, a series activities shall be presented by the different subsets of arts, crafts and culture .

Priscilia Lum

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