Basic skills in Basket ball hits the book shelves

A practical guide on the learning of game of basketballs has been released by Cameroonian author, Ifose Emile Mballe. The 79 page entitled Basic skills in Basketball is written in twelve chapters.  It helps readers understand the basketball court as well as the fundamentals of the game.

Besides techniques of playing the game that author also dedicates a chapter for the coaches and another for official signals in the game and he concludes with the International Basket Federation.

Ifose Emile Mballe uses pictures and graphics to help readers understand the collective sports. According to the author, the game of basketball was invented by Doctor James Naismith, a Canadian ordained Presbyterian Minister, a physical educator and a medical doctor in the young men’s Christians association international training school Massachusetts in 1891.

The author states describes basketball as a game that calls for physical judgement and coordination of many muscles and it combines physical prowess, intelligence, grace and coordination.

Coach Ifose Emile Mballe is an award winning coach by the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee. He won Best coach title in the Centre regional league in 2007 and many other trophies in 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

He served as Basketball instructor in several schools and has travel round the world perfecting his skills in basketball the most recent being the International coaching Enrichment Certificate Programme, ICECP at the University of Delaware, USA, Olympuc Solidarity and United States Olympic Committee in from 2015 – 2016.

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