Decentralization: Stakehoders undertake to accelerate the process


The first session of the inter-ministerial committee of local services for the 2019 fiscal year has held in Yaounde.

The session which took place this Monday 16th September 2019 was chaired by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam.

During the sitting stakeholders examined the level of execution of priority projects identified
during the sitting of May 2018 session.

Decentralization stakeholders at the sitting

Among these are ;
# The identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the decentralization process
# Rendering Councils more financially autonomous with improved governance as instruments of democracy at the local level
# Modernizing the management of Human Resources
# Revision of legal documents and internal regulations to render various actors more functional .

Over 12 months after the first session , the decentralization experts say the implementation level of these policies is low.

The ongoing socio-political crisis, in the North West and South West regions , insecurity in the Northern regions and financial issues have rendered the situation worse.

Despite these challenges, Minister George Elanga Obam called on all stakeholders to pursue the Head of States Decentralization dream which was reiterated on 10th September 2019 during his address to the nation.

National dialogue as a booster  to the decentralisation process

The inter ministerial committee sitting comes six days after President Paul Biya announced the much awaited national dialogue.

Officials incharge of the decentralisation process are hopeful about the positive spill over effects of the talks.
Mr. Aboko Patrick Anki, Mayor of the Kombo Abedimo council, South West region foresees an acceleration of the decentralization process in the region.

” The national dialogue announced by the Head of state has brought much relief to mayors from these regions. Most projects in these regions have been on a halt with contractors expressing security concerns. We are hoping that things will take a better shape after the dialogue so we can complete the council projects”.

At the end of this sitting, the resolutions will be submitted to the Prime Minister , Joseph Dion Ngute for approval. He is equally the head of the National Council for Decentralization .

Kathy Neba Sina

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