DeepFake: The new instrument of Misinformation

If you see a person saying things he would not say in normal circumstances, a Hollywoodian actress in an adult movie or a politician uttering bizar words, you are witnessing a fake news.

The videos are known as deepfakes. It is a technique that combines and superimposes existing images and videos.
Here a picture of a person is superimposed on another person’s face. The voices of the two persons are also exchanged.

With enough videos and audios of a person, a fake video of the person can be produced saying and doing anything.

The issue got popular this year when a video of the former president Barack Obama was published.

In this false video,the former president Barack Obama was giving an address in which he criticised President Donald Trump.



A prominent evolution

Some American actresses are fighting against the use of this software. Experts say that this application is going to evolve with time.

Unfortunately for the victims, the more videos and images there are of you online, the easier it is for you to be deepfaked. The technology is getting better all the time. It can now be done with just one picture.

The latest tech also shows how voice-over by another actor isn’t even needed, but instead text can be generated that allows new words to be put into someone’s mouth.

Ornella Mendjana(intern)

Danielle Mouadoume

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