Major National Dialogue: Artists call for peace in music

Some Cameroonian artists have taken the rostrum to preach peace through songs. This is ahead of the Major National Dialogue to hold from 30th September 2019.

Most of them recall that two regions, formerly a place to be, have presently been transformed into ruin.

Some of the calls are not only directed to the perpetrators or Government but also to the Almighty GOD to take Cameroon out of the present stalemate.

Caby Shunt is one with a thought reflecting message, “Bloodshed No More”

In his 3:58-minute hit song, the artist advocates for peace and unity.

He highlights the negative consequences of the crisis in the two english speaking regions.

He also sends a distress call for an end to bloodshed.

“Put your Hands on we” by Tzy Panchak featuring Vivid, is another hit song which surfaced after President Paul Biya’s call for the Major National Dialogue.

The 3:52-minute musical piece castigates the sufferings of the people in the North West and South West Regions, calling for a stop.

“Put your Hands on we” was produced by Blu Nation Recording

The song has registered more than 28,000 views on Youtube since 12th September 2019.

Longue Longue the more famous artist of the Makossa category has released a song titled, “Dialogue National”.

In the piece, he salutes government’s initiative for a national dialogue.

He also calls on some persons he identifies as important actors of dialogue to come in the peace crusade.

Many other Cameroonians have been using songs and others, humour, to appeal to the consciences of the perpetrators of violence.

Others are calling on Government to do more.

Old songs resurface

Given the present context of violence and a threatened unity, existing songs including those composed by artists like Mervy Willy”s “Main dans la Main” and Aunty Clo “Lord over Cameroon” have resurfaced as exaltation for a Cameroon of peace.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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