Music: DJ Kerozen drops another hit entitled “ Tu seras élevé”

DJ Kerozen, a committed artist this Friday, 20 September 2019, releases a hit called “Tu seras élevé” on his YouTube Channel.

“Tu seras élevé” is the title of song by the committed artist DJ Kerozen is fighting against poverty under the prism of music his main work horse lyricist and musical.

The announcement of the release of one of his songs, it emerges a certain impatience to share with his fans.

On the 20th September 2019, DJ Kerozen has an appointment with history, because through his songs the cultural action starts and ricochet constitution of a musical memory.

Through extraits of “ Tu seras élevé” broadcast on his YouTube channel, the song is danceable and above all charged with emotional weight that is centered on the day life “ Tu seras élevé “ not with standing the treacherous traps of jealous.


Rukkayah Mohammed(intern)

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