National Dialogue: CRTV tailors broadcasting to fit socio-political context

The programme schedules of the various channels of the state broadcaster have been modified to fit the socio-political developments in Cameroon.

To accompany government prepare for the National Dialogue convened by the Head of State Paul Biya, the Cameroon Radio Television through;  the CRTV mother station,  CRTV News,  CRTV Web and CRTV National station have adjusted their programme schedules.

More content on the promotion of the National Dialogue initiated by Paul Biya is being aired.

CRTV Television at the vanguard of the National Dialogue


To accompany general preparations for the National Dialogue, special slots have been introduced.

The primetime newscasts in the English and French languages now have special reports to update its viewers on updates of the preparations.


Two special 90 minutes programmes have also been introduced to the programme schedule;

“D Comme Dialogue”  presented by Aimé Robert Bihina, broadcast every Tuesdays at 9pm.

 The Meeting Point presented by Joe Chebonkeng K. aired on Thursdays at 9pm.

Both programmes are rebroadcast the next day on the CRTV News Channel.

Traditional programmes like Scene de Presse and Press Hour have been modified to carry  topics with focus on the National Dialogue that comes up between 30th September – 4th October 2019.

THE CRTV News Channel on the National Dialogue

The corporations 24hour news channel has been very consistent in reporting on  the activities of the Prime Minister Head of Government Chief Doctor Joseph Dion Ngute and other actors involved in the consultation phase of the National Dialogue.

The content of the different newscasts and news magazines are headlined by topics on the National Dialogue.

Special programmes like “Twilight” on CRTV News have introduced slots that discuss issues on the National Dialogue.

New programmes are bring produced to fit the National Dialogue bit.

Some include;

“Dialoguons”, “Peace Aile” “Une minute pour comprendre” will be aired from Monday 23rd September 2019

A six minute daily programme “Major National Dialogue Online” will also be broadcast daily from Monday 23rd September.

The programmes are tailored to relay ideas of the entire community as recommended by government.

CRTV National Broadcasting Station and major debates on National Dialogue

On radio, there is a number of debate programmes with high profile guests recently introduced on the programme schedule.

The programmes

“Hear me out” will be presented by Chetah Bile and Albert Njie Mbonde in the English and French languages;

# Saturday 21st September, 12:05PM – 1:00PM

# Monday 23rd September, 6:00PM-7:00PM

# Tuesday 24th September, 4:00PM – 5:00PM

# Saturday 28th September, 12:05PM – 1:00PM

Other existing programmes on the National Radio station like “Daybreak” and “Les Matineé de la CRTV” will all be beefed-up with content on National Dialogue.

The discovery slot on these two programmes will focus on the people of Cameroon, their origins, way of life and values.

These special discovery packages will be produced by correspondents from the ten regional stations.

A series of micro programmes will also be produced to articulate values like patriotism and the spirit of oneness among Cameroonians.

Other magazine programmes and documentaries on national integration, bilingualism and peaceful coexistence would hit the airwaves from Monday 23rd September.

Apart from the special slots on the National Dialogue on the different radio newscasts, the newsroom will also produce a special programme (Leur du Dialogue/ Dialogue Hour) to air on weekdays from 9pm-10pm.


CRTV Web: Surfing opinions on National Dialogue on the World Wide Web

A team of reporters and e-communication experts have since September 10th been on the vanguard of activities on the National Dialogue.

The Community management team of the CRTV official website and social media platforms are keen to pick out fake news or misinformation and direct users through with the right information.

Dozens of news reports are uploading on the website ( with minute by minute updates on the affairs of the Major National Dialogue.

The IT team of the department relays major programmes from the other channels on streaming on the website and Facebook page (CRTVWeb) daily.

The top management of the corporation has fine-tuned content to accompany stakeholders on the 2019 Major National Dialogue convened by the Head of State Paul Biya.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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