National Dialogue : IDPs salute the peace initiative

The Internally Displaced Persons, IDPS, victims of the ongoing crisis in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon have saluted President Paul Biya proposal for an inclusive dialogue


The IDPs nationwide joined the political class, religious leaders, administrators, activists and Cameroonians of all walks of life to applaud this highly solicited offer which is widely believed, will close a chapter of suffering.

Yaounde like in other towns, thousands of IDPs heaved a sigh of relieve.

Thomas, one of the IDPs, a tailor at the Biyemassi neighbourhood said “at last”. He recently relocated because of the spillover effects of the crisis.

He said he is a happy man because the President touched pertinent issues of the crisis rocking the two regions in the past three years.

He added that President has presenting himself as a true Head of State.
“I know he cannot satisfy all Cameroonians, people were expecting to hear something else but like a Head of State he knews what he had to tell his people”.

To this man, the only little concern he wished the president could have indicated the place and the date of the dialogue.

Close by, is another IDP, a young Lady involved in petty trading.

She listened to the address and says she is satisfied with the call for a national dialogue even though she thinks it is coming a little late.

“He thinks about everyone in the NW and SW, and understands our problems and has been trying to seek permanent solutions”.

Another IDP, an ELECAM official who narrowly escaped lynching from an armed group thinks President Biya did not addressed some concerns of the people .
“ I wanted him to tell the people he will release persons detained in line with the crisis and then set a date for the dialogue”.

He, like many others clamoured for frank dialogue as a means to an end of the crisis.

Along the streets, amidst the different opinions was one from an anonymous IDP. He expressed satisfaction with the speech, a speech he said, addressed his personal worries.

He says he has endured alot and will love to go back home.


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