Pharmacology : Experts discuss quality pharmaceutical services


The National Federation of Pharmacists held a round table in Yaounde on 18th September  to concert on some measures that will guarantee quality pharmaceutical health services in Cameroon . 

The event was organized as part of commemorative activities ahead of the 10th World Pharmacists Day , on Wednesday 25th September 2019 on the theme , ” Safe and effective medicines for all”.

Discussions were chaired by the president of the National Federation of Pharmacists, Dr. Hiag Prosper.

One of the key issues that preoccupied the Pharmacists is Universal Health Coverage.

In line with the theme of the 10th international observance, the experts discussed the contribution of pharmacies to Universal Health Coverage.

Other issues addressed include:
# Boosting the Economy of the pharmacy,
# Curbing the sale of illicit drugs ,
# Organizing capacity building workshops for pharmacy work force
# Developing rural pharmacies
# Upholding the ethics and deontology of pharmacology.

Pharmacology : The daily economic struggles

Information from the National Federation of Pharmacists reveals that 25% of drugs on the market are illicit drugs.

During the exchanges, the experts frowned at the irresponsible practice which risks the lives of consumers.

Benjamin Fomba Kamga, an associate professor of Economics and expert in economic health says the economic impact on pharmacies is great.

” illicit drugs represent 25% of drugs on the market. To curb this practice, we are working on improving research and the production of some drugs in Cameroon.This will limit the importation of such drugs. The Universal Health Coverage will also improve access to drugs and reduce the consumption of fake drugs”. Benjamin Fomba Kamga

Dr. Hiag Prosper, National President of the National Federation of Pharmacists adds that a multisectoral plan will be an effective strategy to weed out quacks from the profession.

“We are working on a multisectoral plan that will certainly come with the creation of a national commission to fight illicit drugs.The multisectoral plan will focus on massive sensitization against the consumption of street drugs”.

The experts are also working on an established system of drug distribution with the state as a regulator or a private drug regulatory organ.

Harmonizing drug prizes is another measure the experts say will yield a positive outcomes .

The Pharmacists continue preparations for the World Pharmacists Day slated for Wednesday 25th September 2019.

Kathy Neba Sina

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