SmartPhorce: The application that makes you earn money

SmartPhorce is a downloadable application, that allows any smartphone holder to earn money, this application is an idea of a former Cameroonian Banker Jean Paul Melaga.

SmartPhorce is an application that specializes in data collection,digitalizes the data collection and analysis process.

This application can collect reliable information such as alphanumeric data, pictures, location, audios/ videos are available on a dashboard on a real time base.

SMARTPHORCE meets the information needs of companies and institutions. “A distribution company often needs to verify information by asking the following questions:

Where are our sales points sold? At what price ? What competing products are available? What do customers think of our latest advertising campaign / products?.

SmartPhorce reassures customers who sometimes doubts about the information provided, the operation is simple and effective; once the specifications are available.

Jean-Paul MELAGA, the initiator of this application after having an impressive career as a banker in London. He has been ranked among other prestigious << Choiseul 100 Africa>>.

SmartPhorce is available in Cameroon, Côté d’ivoire and has already carried missions in these countries Nigeria, Morocco and Ghana.

Rukkayah Mohammed(Intern)

Danielle Mouadoume

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