The Army: BIR’s exceptional bravery at the service of the nation

The Rapid Intervention Battalion B.I.R, an elite combat unit of the Cameroonian army was created in 1999 purposefully to fight against armed groups and criminality on Cameroon’s borders.

It is placed under the authority of the President of the Republic.

Within the framework of military cooperation, the B.I.R has obtained military equipment and training from Israel, America and France.

Since its creation, the Rapid Intervention Battalion’s tangible exploits are countless.

The BIR spearheaded the operation Alpha in the Far North region that crushed the Boko-Haram insurgency.

Since then, the unit has been embedded in the multinational joint task force created to combat terrorist groups within the Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger and Chad common border.

Little wonder the former U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon Michael Hoza described the B.I.R as a force which;

“In the training, conduct, and leadership, exhibit all values we expect in our own armed forces — professionalism, protection of the civilian population, and respect for human rights.”

The Rapid Intervention Battalion B.I.R’s cooperation with the Multinational Joint Task force and other Cameroonian defense forces has led to;

– The liberation of the Maidougouri-Gambaro strategic axis in Nigeria, Fotokol-Kousseri axis in Cameroon

– The conquest of Mount Mandara

– The destruction of Boko Haram strongholds to uphold Cameroon’s territorial integrity

It is military prowess notwithstanding, the BIR has been involved in a series of socio-economic activities in specific and especially, troubled areas. (Far North, North West and South West regions)

In the domain of health, education and national development, the Rapid Intervention battalion has also maintained a keen interest in the protection of peoples and property.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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