2019/2020 Elite One: Day-one as it happened

The Cameroon Professional Football League One, fondly called Elite One, has kicked off with Day- 1 matches fielded in the stadia across the territory.


The opening game between Bamboutos of Mbouda and Colombe of Dja and Lobo ended in a 5-2 spanking in favour of the Mangwa boys (Bamboutos FC).

Day-1 games registered a total of 8 matches out of 9 with quiet interesting results.

Day-1 fixtures and results
# Pathere of Nde, humbled Apejes of Mfou 1-0 in their opening encounter.
# Fovu of Baham overpowered Tonnere Kalara Club of Yaounde 2-1 in the clash.
# Union Sportive of Douala submitted to pressure from Dragon of Yaounde and was defeated 2-1.
# Young Sports Academy of Bamenda played host to Stade Renard of Melong in a game that ended 2-1 in favour of the Young Boys.
# Cotonsport of Garoua played a one all tie game with Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun.
# Canon of Yaounde thrashed Avion of Nkam 3-0 score.
# UMS of Loum played a 1-1 game with Eding Football Club of Lekie.
# Bamboutos of Mbouda just coming from Elite Two staged an impressive showdown and edged Colombe of Dja and Lobo 5-2.
# AS Fortuna VS Astres of Douala /PWD of Douala (Postponed)

Day One Classification Table
1- Bamboutos of Mbouda 3 pts
2- Canon of Yaounde 3 pts
3- Dragon of Yaounde 3 pts
4- Fovu of Baham 3 pts
5- YOSA of Bamenda 3 pts
6- Panthere of Nde 3 pts
7- Eding of the Lekie 1 pt
8- Feutcheu of Bandjoun 1 pt
9- UMS of Loum 1 pt
10- Cotonsport of Garoua 1 pt
11- AS Fortuna 0 pt ( -1 match)
12- Astres/PWD of Bamenda 0 pt (-1 match)
13- Tonnerre Kalara 0 pt
14- Stade Renard of Melong 0 pt
15- Union of Douala 0 pt
16- Apejes of Mfou 0 pt
17- Colombe of Dja and Lobo 0 pt
18- Avion of Nkam 0 pt
Matches counting for Day-2 action of the ongoing Elite One will be fielded this Wednesday October 23, 2019.

Benly Anchunda

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