Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour : Crtv Sport’s record breaking Live coverage

The 19th edition of the Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour which took place in Cameroon from 17th October 2019 , wrapped up on Sunday 20th October with Algerian born Azzdine Lagab  winning the yellow jersey.

It was the very first time , the Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour was aired Live on Television, and sports lovers were glued to their screens as they watched the hitch-free Live competition . But, most of people watched the Live show in utter disbelieve.

Simon Lyonga, Head of the sports channel says the ground breaking experience was a major challenge for the young channel, but with much willpower, viewers were thrilled with live images to the very last minute.

The Chantal Biya international cycling tour has been going on for 19 years. What inspired the live broadcast of the tour for the very first time? 

It was an an initiative that came from management. The Director General  told us that we have to dare , and he said we have some sports disciplines that are usually not aired live
on Crtv just like we do with other collective disciplines like football, handball, volleyball, basket ball. So, we should look at opportunities of having some other disciplines on the limelight because that’s one of the missions of the sports channel. So the closest competition we had at hand was the cycling tour, and the grande prix Chantal Biya . We worked with the technicians, the Director of Technology and Solutions to see how we could come out with a possibility of a Live broadcast on Crtv Sports and Entertainment . With the acquisition of new equipments like the Live You and the TV You , we thought we could give it a try. We proposed a project to the Director General , he accepted and said we should give it a try. We did, and I think for now, we are happy that we tried and at least succeeded having the event Live on TV. Though we know that there are still certain things we think we could improve .

How is the Crtv Sports channel management planning to better subsequent Live coverages? 

We can improve our coverage  by doing more preparations for subsequent competitions especially shooting images. Don’t forget that the race is not just a sporting event , but also a touristic event. We could prepare the touristic aspect of our country, especially showing the world all what we have as tourism in our country. We could also prepare the way some reports concerning the cyclists or athletes coming for competitions are done . This will permit us to better sell them . I think there are so many things we could prepare that we didn’t do on time because we didn’t have enough time to,  and the federation was not always available to cooperate with us, but without that, I think everything went well. We have had the first experience, and from there, we will know how to prepare next time and how to improve , but this is the first platform to take off. We already have where to pick up from, and like the Director General told us, it is a position of no return. From there we are going forward.

The maiden Live event on Crtv Sports came barely a few months after the official Launch of Crtv Sports and Entertainment.  What has been the response


We know that Cameroonians love sports so much. They are always expecting us to have Live events, so , we are very certain and sure that they are happy when we have Live events. We have friends who have called us, others have sent us text messages to congratulate us for what we did. But from the first day of the competition, they were not sure that what we were doing was the Live broadcast of the competition. They thought we recorded it , and played later on . Even some of our own colleagues were not sure of the fact that recycling Tour was Live, but we tried as much as possible and made the event Live , and many people came to believe especially with the arrival of the First Lady at the 20 May Boulevard. That made most people believe that it was real! We are happy we made that impact on our people. But like they always say, going up is more difficult than staying  at the top. Now , staying at the top will be very difficult, but we will do our best to stay at the top.

Kathy Neba Sina

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