Homebiogas system: Yaïr Teller brings his groundbreaking technology to Cameroon

41 year Israeli born Yaïr Teller, is the founder of the homebiogas technology project presented to the Cameroonian educational family at GBHS Nkoleton.

He presented the innovative and environmental friendly project in a ceremony presided by the Minister of Secondary Education Professor Nalova Lyonga.

The homebiogas system, is a technology that transforms organic waste into energy.

He says the biogas system produces both cooking energy and fertilisers for plants.

Yair Teller
Yair Teller , HomeBiogas inventor

 About Yaïr Teller, the homebiogas inventor

The 41 year old Yair Teller is a visionary and entrepreneur committed to the cause of sustainability, and driven to empower underserved communities throughout the world.

He is an internationally recognized authority on domestic biogas systems, and frequently lectures at institutions throughout the world.

Teller has led forefront research developing integrative systems of waste management, anaerobic digestion, and algae production at Ben Gurion University.

Teller discovered domestic biogas in India, and went on to conduct field projects constructing systems in Mexico, Kenya, the Palestinian Territories, and Israel.

In 2010, Yair Teller, together with Oshik Efrati and Erez Lanzer, founded HomeBiogas, and began developing the most advanced and affordable small-scale biogas systems.

Yair is currently the chief scientist for HomeBiogas, and directs international peace-building projects with the EU, USAID, Peres Center for Peace, and Arava Institute for environmental studies.

In November 2015, the company launched an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign that reached 200% of its goal over two months, and sold the systems to over twenty countries.

Yair’s leadership has pushed the company to dream big; the HomeBiogas vision is to make advanced biogas technology mainstream and accessible to families throughout the world.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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