Kenya: Company produces leather from fish skin

In the town of Kisumu in Kenya is found the Alisam Products Development, an enterprise that produces leather from fish skin.

The company designs and makes a large range of products out of fish leather.

Mr. Newton Owino is the founder of this fish leather tannery.

The idea, he explains, came from the fact that about 150,000 tons of fish are wasted every year with about 80% of these fishes dumped.

Newton and his team begin the process by removing scales from the fish’s skin.

After this, the fish is soaked for an hour and banana extract is then added to the fish skin to get rid of the fish odour.

The outcome is softer, darker and less smelly.



The skins are once more stretched and dried again before becoming leather.

Leather produced through this process is used for making shoes, dresses, bags, etc.

While there are other tanneries in Kisumu, Newton Owino is the only person specialising in fish leather.

He wishes to expand his business and open a training school in years to come.

Ornella Mendjana (Intern)

Danielle Mouadoume

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