Major National Dialogue: A meeting point for all

The five-day historic event, the Major National Dialogue was not just a melting point for issues of national interest but a crossroad for Cameroonians of all walks of life.


The high profile event assembled members of the three arms of government; the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary, plus the diplomatic corps and Cameroonians of the diaspora.

Some five hundred delegates with rich profiles in Peace building, Christianity, Politics, Philanthropy , Crisis Management, Health, Reconciliatory issues and experts in diverse domains were behind the benches to make history for the nation.

Casting of the participants.

The delegates were carefully selected from all spheres of the society with a special interest given that 2/3 of the participants hailed from the troubled NW and SW regions.


Most of them were considered as influential figures and main actors in the promotion of National Unity and Social Integration

Amongst them, was the well known and celebrated Roman Catholic Church leader, His Eminence Christian Cardinal.

The Man of God has featured in the peace annals of Cameroon as one who has been vocal about the return of peace in the two troubled English regions of Cameroon, the NW and the SW regions.

The Cardinal was one of the peace loving Cameroonians who embraced President Paul Biya’s peace deal and subsequently the convening of the Major Dialogue.

Another peace crusader and a Human Rights lawyer, Barrister Agbor Balla took part in the just ended debates with the aim of seeking long lasting peace in Cameroon. He remained resolute and emphasized that the peace of Cameroonians should not be jeopardized.

Amongst them too was, Prof Simon Munzu who holds a rich credential in Peace and Crisis Resolutions. Even as a federalist, the Commission Chair was realistic in proposing honest proceedings.

The Bishops of Mamfe, Kumbo, Bamenda and other Protestant Church leaders from some hard hit zones were also invited on the dialogue table.

The main opposition party played a major role in the peace talks. The Vice President of the SDF, Joshua Osih even served as Chair of one of the eight commissions during the dialogue.

Political figures like, Jean Jacques Ekindi, Serge Matomba, Frankline Ndifor, Cabral Libii, Babot Lipot and amongst many others were participants at the just ended Major National Dialogue.


The diaspora considered as one of the actors fuelling the crisis answered present in order to present their case and assist the government seek a better way forward.

Persons from the informal sectors, teachers, civil society leaders, activists, lawyers, businessmen etc sat face-to-face during the week- long event to help turn a page in the history of Cameroon.

Women, considered main victims of unfortunate events like wars were also well represented.
Most importantly, the repentant ex-combatants were also included on the long list of the participating delegates.

Some ministers served as resource persons in their areas of competence.

The casting which has been well greeted served as a typical representation of a Cameroonian society as every sector had a place on the dialogue table.

Benly Anchunda

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