Major National Dialogue: Government’s expresses satisfaction with outcome

Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi has expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the Major National Dialogue organised in Yaoundé from 30th September to October 4th 2019. He was speaking during an exclusive interview on CRTV.

QUESTION I: Appraisal of the Major National Dialogue?

I believe that, in the opinion of all fellow citizens in good faith, and even many foreign observers, the Major National Dialogue, organized on the propitious initiative of the President of the Republic, H.E Paul Biya was a great moment of national life, and a great success. A success; first and foremost by the number and quality of participants at this meeting who came from all regions of the country and from the Diaspora. Most of them were important personalities, representative of all social strata and from our communities and who for several days took a very active part in the discussions on all the important themes that were selected.

The conclusions of this Major National Dialogue are also the second reason to be satisfied of following the holding of this national meeting. No major subject was evaded or obscured and relevant recommendations were made and brought to the keen attention of the convener, notably, the President of the Republic who, without delay, made known his keen appreciation of the work accomplished and his willingness to examine the recommendations with diligence and speed, and to provide, as far as possible, adequate responses to the concerns raised during the discussions, which, according to general opinion, were rich, intense and dense.

That is why; we can, or should rightly welcome this initiative of the Head of State, to commend its holding, its smooth running and the recommendations of the meeting.

For many people, the Major National Dialogue has been a great success, and you really need to be of bad faith to think otherwise, and they are always the same people who think otherwise.


QUESTION II: What is your reaction to the President of the Republic decision to discontinue proceedings even before the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue?

Listen, obviously, the leniency measures taken by the President of the Republic have generally been hailed by the whole Nation, especially those hundreds of our young compatriots from the North-West and South-West Regions, many of whom were recruited willy-nilly among the separatist rebels. Their collective joy and their gratitude to the Head of State seemed to be sincere and there is every reason to be grateful for it.

Conversely, the reactions of the other beneficiaries, notably, some of the officials of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, appeared to us to be somewhat ambiguous, as we took note through their statements, mostly that of Mr. Maurice KAMTO in the recent interview he granted to Radio France Internationale.

However, be rest assured that we were not surprised by the words of Mr. KAMTO in this interview. These statements are obviously part of his logic and that of his supporters, perhaps not all, since the announcement of the presidential election results, such as extremism, brinkmanship, radicalization, based on the claim of an alleged electoral hold-up, a victory which, however, we know as they do, was never won by Mr KAMTO and that he could not have won, I have said it a thousand times, unless that of a miracle which obviously never took place.

So, we were however not surprised as I earlier indicated. However, this stubborn attitude, the proud bully posture, the shameless bragging are all regrettable attitudes, leading to the point of becoming annoying.

It is true that no one was expecting any words of gratitude from the CRM resulting from the clemency of the President of the Republic. Meanwhile, the slightest decorum would have warrant, if not to hail, at least to laud to a certain extent, the sovereign and magnanimous gesture of the Head of State, which is his real desire to appease and his determination to give room for the return of a lasting peace and stability in Cameroon.

From this perspective, we believe that Mr. KAMTO and some warmongers among his supporters have failed to take full measure and to grasp the profound meaning of the presidential clemency which is welcomed by the entire national and international community.

What is important, from our point of view, is the clamour of satisfaction that has been perceived both at home and abroad, before, during, and after the Major National Dialogue.


QUESTION III: Do you consider the dialogue as a success?

Listen, I earlier indicated that all our fellow citizens in good faith and our foreign partners have very much appreciated the holding of this Major National Dialogue and have congratulated President Paul Biya. Likewise, we should indicate that even personalities, who have not always been tender with the current regime, having intransigent stances on the major issues of the time, and particularly on the crisis that is shaking the North-West and South-West Regions, took active part in the Major National Dialogue.

From what could be seen and heard here and there from these people, it is clear that they came out satisfied and nobody to the best of our knowledge has so far dissociated himself from the conclusions of this Dialogue which have been published. In the face of this overwhelming majority of favourable voices, the absence of an extremist minority which, for convert purposes, did not want to take part in this Major National Dialogue, although invited, could not put asunder the great success of this historic gathering of worthy sons and daughters of the Cameroonian Nation. In other words, we do not foresee a more inclusive dialogue than the historical one, which has just taken place in Yaoundé, from the 30th of September to the 4th of October 2019.

Moreover, without wishing to give any lecture to anyone, I must, however, point out the audacity of some words of the leader of the CRM who said he had reached out to the one who is presiding over the destiny of this country to settle a so-called electoral hold-up. As far as I know, there is only one presidential chair, and that chair is well occupied, and there is only one place which is legally and legitimate occupied by President Paul Biya.

So, it is President Biya, the only true elected representative of the Nation, who can reach out and who has done it, not only to CRM officials but to our separatist compatriots who took up arms against the Republic. We believe that politics is a gist of intelligence and wisdom. Thus, we believe that our compatriot, Professor KAMTO, whose intellectual qualities and brilliance, are undisputed facts, should cease to sail in such distant unknown space or fly in interstellar clouds, but come back down to earth, to at last realize that the claim of an imaginary holdup is an illusion, a mirage and a dead end. The presidential election is now a thing of the past and that for the vast majority of Cameroonians, it is now behind us. There are equally other exciting opportunities available, which he, as well as anyone else, can take good advantage of and contribute in nation building.


QUESTION IV: What is your stake on Maurice Kamto’s autrances to the press shortly after his release?

As I earlier mentioned at the beginning of this interview, headlong rush, obstinacy or even foolhardiness, are today against the deep aspirations of Cameroonians to peace and tranquillity. Furthermore, unless a legitimate and just cause comes in to underline and justify the political contract, or to respond accordingly to the terms used by Mr KAMTO, some kind of political resistance, whereas that is not the case. The question that comes over and over to our minds is that of the authenticity and legitimacy of a claim known by all, including those who brandish it, knowing that it is ungrounded, misleading and purely mystically motivated.

It should be mentioned that the root cause of the issue lies in the obsession claim of an imaginary and self-proclaimed victory. All other issues that are raised are merely framed stories. In any case, these issues are subjects to divided opinion.

In line with the Head of State’s determination to restore and consolidate peace all over the country, permit me on behalf of the Government, to call on everyone’s attention on our responsibility towards restoring conducive conditions for peace, security and harmony without which our efforts towards development and progress will be in vain.

The Head of State’s determination to restore a climate of peace, even at the cost of all the concessions made, is beyond all doubts, above all forms and modalities of resistance, a glaring prove that peace is today a major challenge for us all.

It is on this call to consciousness that the Head of State is appealing to all political actors of the Nation.

There comes a time when the politician lays aside his political interest and takes the posture of a Statesman in order to safeguard the best interest of the Nation.

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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