Music: Trace Africa and Canal + Afrique decide not to air X-Maleya’s new song

X-Maleya’s new song titled “Ta fille n’est pas ta femme” will not be played on Trace Africa and Canal + Afrique.

The video of the song is pretty explicit and show image of sexual abuse.

Reports say Trace Africa and Canal + Afrique have decided not to air the video because they do not wish to tamper with the sensitivity of their subscribers.

This decision has however not been welcomed by many Cameroonians.

A Facebook user, Karen Westley says ” This is just like the pot, calling the kettle black!! How do they (Trace Africa and Canal + Afrique) explain the obscene videos of artists that corrupt our children’s minds? There are many artists whose songs have no message.”

Some on the otherhand, are okay with this decision, expressing the view that the video is too radical. “Though the video portrays the reality, I found the scenes too violent. I saw the video and could not watch it till the end. It was painful!” says Haley Sandra.

The video which was posted on Youtube about a week ago already has over 414.000 views.



Ornella Mendjana (Intern)

Danielle Mouadoume

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