Peaceful coexistence in Sangmelima: Minister of Territorial Administration shares common meal

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has transmitted the Head of State’s message of Peaceful coexistence to the population of Sangmelima in the South Region.

Minister Atanga Nji and Governor of South Region

Minister Paul Atanga Nji, transmitted the message during a visit to the Dja and Lobo Division few days after misunderstandings between some groups of the population resulted in a standoff in Sangmelima.

The Minister held working sessions with the Governor and representatives of the different communities before offering a common meal comprising of Bulu and Bamoun traditional dishes.

The common meal was shared as a sign of a new found spirit of living together between all the communities residing in the Division.

While there Minister Atanga Nji, preached living together especially amongst the Bamoun and Bulu communities.

The minister, also met with bike riders of the two communities, Bulu and Bamoun, urging them to be vectors of peace and harmony.

The visit of Minister of Territorial Administration ended with an evaluation of the damages made during the looting in shops, in the Sangmelima market place.

He however, encouraged the business people to continue with their activities without any fear, as government is closely examining and monitoring the situation.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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