Start up: Andal Solutions Company produces house furnitures made from recycled tires

Andal Solutions is a company located in the town of Maroua specialized in the exploitation of renewable energy.

The company fabricates house furnitures such as tables, armchairs, stools, jars and other objects meant for decoration.

Tapele Tiyo is an engineer of renewable energy and founder of Andal Solutions.

Recycling being their principal objective, the company though it’s founder, Tapele Tiyo says, ” Given that our start up, Andal solutions is specialized in renewable energy and in technologies of protection of energies, we carried out a research on the possibility of adding value to waste tires by transforming it into real tires”.



This solution has numerous advantages as the founder says” the transformation permits to valorise the waste tires, but it also permits to reduce the use of wood in the conception of the household furniture”.

The fabrication process begins by getting waste tires from public depots, garages and also from individuals.

The recycled or waste tires are washed and the transformed tires, are turned to furnitures such as stools designed using materials such as tapestry, planks and many others.

The outcome is a long lasting and affordable furniture.

They company is located in Maroua, but delivery is done in all parts of the country.

The enterprise also organizes training sessions during which people learn how to transform organic materials into biological gas.







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