Sylyac Marie Mvogo is the new SDO for the Mvila Division – South

The 49 year old Administrator took office at the Nko’ovos Ceremonial Grounds in Ebolowa, in a ceremony attended by administrative, municipal, traditional and religious authorities, elites and a cross section of the population of the Mvila Division.

The Governor of the South Region, Felix Nguele Nguele while installing the new SDO, commissioned him to Forster social cohesion, ensure the effective execution of major projects like the Mengong – Sangmelima road, and the fight against illegal forest exploitation and urban disorder.

Sylyac Marie Mvogo is now in command of the Mvila, a division of about 11, 626 square kilometers, with a population of more than two hundred thousand people. He takes over from Rachel Ngazang Epse Akono, the first ever female SDO of the Mvila who has been appreciated for creating a fruit market and a new car park in Ebolowa.

Danielle Mouadoume

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