World Habitat Day: Yaounde VI gets recognition as cleanest municipality

The Yaounde VI council has won an award for cleanest municipality in the “Yaounde Capital Propre” competition launched on 28th September 2019.

An international jury put in place, proclaimed the results during commemorative activities marking the 2019 World Habitat Day in Yaounde.

All the seven councils in Yaounde took part in the competition intended to encourage better hygienic practices in urban areas.

 “Yaounde Capital Propre”: The evaluation process

The seven councils all presented each a neighbourhood within the municipality which had to be evaluated.

Yaounde I – Okolo Bloc 88

Yaounde II – Ntoungou 1

Yaounde III – Ahala 2

Yaounde VI – Nkoldongo 11

Yaounde V- Grand Mfandema

Yaounde VI- Melen

Yaounde VII – Nkolfou

The jury composed of members of different nationalities evaluated the different neighbourhoods based on; the environment and living habits.

The following results were presented.

#First prize – Yaounde VI, Melen

#Second prize- Yaounde I, Okolo bloc 88

#Third prize- Yaounde V

The recognition was accompanied by cash prizes.

#First prize CFA 5 million #Second prize CFA3 million #Third prize CFA 2 million.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development Celestine Ketcha Courtes congratulated the winners and called on all government stakeholders to contribute to the fight in keeping urban spaces clean.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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