2020 Parliamentary and Council Elections: Political Party Leaders React to the Call

Cameroon’s political class has been reacting to President Paul Biya’s release of November 10, 2019 convening the electorate for parliamentary and municipal elections for Sunday February 9, 2020.

Most political party leaders say the decision is welcome and they are set to go in for the 2020 elections in Cameroon.

The Secretary General of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party Barrister Ndong Christopher has stated the position of their party in the upcoming elections.

Barrister Ndong says the CRM party will not boycott the 2020 elections.

The Secretary General of the CRM party however raised worries on the success of the election following the continuous crisis in the North West and South West regions despite the just ended Major National Dialogue.

Barrister Ndong said the dampening atmosphere in the NW/SW regions will not slowdown the enthusiasm of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party to gain seats in the local councils in the ten regions of Cameroon.

The president for the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation Cabral Libii says the announcement of the twin election by the Head of State Paul Biya does not come as a surprise to his party.

He says the president is working within the framework of the law after extending the mandate of the municipal councillors two times already.

Cabral Libii says the party is ready for the 2020 elections.

The young politician says the target for the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation is to win over one hundred parties and secure at least eighty seats in parliament.

Key leaders of the ruling party, the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement say they are ready to retain the absolute majority privileges they enjoy in parliament and municipal councils.

Hon. Pangmashi Roland, Mfoundi parliamentarian, Yaounde VI says the party is not worried as they have been carrying out grass root sensitisation about future elections.

Mathurin Bindoua CPDM municipal councillor in Sangmelima says the organisational chat of the party is well structured such that the party can easily draw up a campaign strategy.

Since the announcement of the twin elections, the various parties have just fifteen days deposit their candidature for the 2020 Parliamentary and Council elections.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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