Cameroonian Siamese twins, Bissie and Eyenga, successfully separated

One-year-old Bissie and Eyenga, a pair of Cameroonian Siamese twins have been successfully separated at a Mother and Child hospital, in France known as “l’hopital Femme et Mère -Enfant des Hospices Civil” on Wednesday , November 13, 2019 .

Bissie and Eyenga are now independent twins  .

Laurel and her daughters arrived France on November 1, 2019 , for the operation was scheduled for November 7 , but on November 4, a test confirmed that the girls had contracted a respiratory virus. The date for the operation was eventually changed.

Laurel , mother of the twin girls received on a program on TV5Monde

Medical tests had equally previously confirmed suspicions that Bissie and Eyenga were joint at the liver and Thorax.

Prior to the operation, ” Chaîne de L’Espoir “, an NGO that played a great role in the process  described Bissie and Eyenga’s operation as “exceptional and extremely delicate”.

The Siamese twins at the l’hopital Femme et Mère -Enfant des Hospices Civil

The team of medical experts that carried out the seven-hour-operation, was headed by Prof. Pierre-Yves Mure, assistant head of department for Pediatric Surgery at the “l’hopital Femme et Mère -Enfant des Hospices Civil” .

“L ‘hopital Femme et Mère -Enfant des Hospices Civil”, broke the news of the successful operation on Twitter shortly after the sucessful operation  .

The operation was jointly sponsored by “Chaîne de L’ Espoir” , ” l’hopital Femme et Mère -Enfant des Hospices Civil” and the government of Cameroon.

Moving to France

About a year ago, Laurel was delivered of the Siamese twins and soon moved to Yaounde to seek medical help for their separation.

She was received at the Yaounde Central hospital by Dr. Faustin Mouafo, who found out that she had not benefited from prenatal follow up during pregnancy .

Unfortunately, the Yaounde Central hospital is not equipped to carry out such an operation.

Dr. Faustin Mouafo then contacted Prof. Pierre-Yves Mure, of the ” l’hopital Femme et Mère -Enfant” in France.

“Chaîne de L’Espoir”, a French Non governmental Organization that provides medical care to children from Africa, was also informed .

In collaboration with financial donors, Dr. Faustin Mouafo then  made travel arrangements for their departure to France for the operation, which has today turned out successful .


Kathy Neba Sina

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