Centre Pasteur: Central Africa’s reference medical laboratory

Centre Pasteur’s Laboratory is  Central Africa’s reference medical Laboratory for 26 pathologies.

The institution’s 60th anniversary is taking place with a special focus on the contribution of the Laboratory to its overall success.

According to Dr. Atangana Paul Adrien, deputy Director of the Laboratory Unit, over 500 patients are screened for various diseases daily.

Dr. Atangana Paul Adrien, deputy Director of the Laboratory Unit


An unequaled output

All medical tests are carried out at Centre Pasteur in record time.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Laboratories, Centre Pasteur screens all diseases including;

# Hematology
# Virology
# Morbid Anatomy
# Anti bodies dosage
# Sperm analysis
# Pap Smear
# Fertility tests
# Uterine and other forms of cancer
# Viral Hepatitis
# Tissue test

The journey to the top

Centre Pasteur was created 60 years ago, and has been consistent in its call to providing quality medical laboratory services.

For about 40 years after the creation of the institution, medical tests were manually carried out.

But given the high demand from patients, sometimes coming from other parts of the country, management settled for more performant equipments .

Around the year 2000 , Centre Pasteur began to progressively acquire automatic Laboratory machines . Modern labs were also constructed to suit the new vision.

These machines improved the output and reduced the time patients had to wait for  lab results.

But this did not solve the problem, Dr. Atangana Paul Adrien, says “some patients used to stay for long hours, and return without their results, so we were obliged to begin working 24/7”.

Since July 1 , 2019, laboratory technicians work round the clock in order to meet the demand.

Accordingly, the workforce has been increased, necessitating a better management of the facility.

Since 2015, Dr. Atangana Paul Adrien, says management has become dynamic and efficient.

Authorities of the institution systematically organize training workshops and seminars to strengthen the capacity of the personnel.

In 60 years, Centre Pasteur has successfully upheld professional standards.

Kathy Neba Sina

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