Centre Pasteur : The school where Multifaceted Health Technicians are trained

The Centre Pasteur School of Senior Health Technicians has just welcomed the 37 batch of students. For 36 years, the institution has been reputed for training dynamic health technicians.

Sign board of the Yaounde School for Senior Health Technicians

Officials of the institution say the Senior Health Technicians who graduate from the institution “can work in any kind of Laboratory”.

Training has been upgraded to include key courses on health care. Besides being Clinical Laboratory Technicians, trainees also work as health care givers.

Most of them are currently Clinical Laboratory technicians at Centre Pasteur. Others have been gainfully employed in Agro-industries, pharmaceutical companies and hospital facilities.

Senior health technician on duty at the Centre Pasteur’s  Medical Laboratory

But this started somewhere .

Creation story

Centre Pasteur’s School of Senior Health Technicians was created in 1982 by Presidential decree No 82-328 of July 1982.

Article 4 of the decree said ” The Director of the Pasteur Centre shall be the Director of the training cycle. He shall be responsible for the quality of courses given”

Accordingly, Centre Pasteur’s Director General, Elizabeth Carniel heads the school.

But at creation, the school was called
“The School for Clinical Laboratory Technicians”.

Training was reserved for state functionaries who wanted to advance their professional career . During those years, applicants were holders of the Ordinal Level Certificate . At the end of the two-year training, trainees came out as Laboratory technicians.

Things remained unchanged until 1993 when state functionaries were excluded from the training , and the school became open to the public.

The era when things changed

In 1993, Centre Pasteur’s management decided to step up admission requirements. Aside other documents, the Advanced Level Certificate was made a compulsory requirement for applicants .

Training lasted for three years and graduates were known as Clinical Laboratory Technicians.

Ten years down the line, another modification was made to the training program.

The Ministry of Health harmonized the training program for all medical schools. Based on the new program, Centre Pasteur included some compulsory Health care courses to the program on Clinical Laboratory Science.

Accordingly, graduates were henceforth awarded diplomas as Senior Health Technicians in Medical Analysis .

Senior Health Technicians at the Centre Pasteur’s newly- constructed Medical Laboratory 

To obtain a first degree, they had to enroll as third year students in a University medical institution.

Twenty places

Quality is the trademark of the Centre Pasteur school of Senior Health Technicians .

From the inception till now, the school has maintained an annual intake of twenty students.

Officials say the institution’s facilities were originally constructed for 20 only students.

Kamsu Emery, a Senior Staff official says ” We can’t go above 20 trainees per year because it would make our practical lessons less effective. Each student is entitled to a workspace. This number also favors effective follow up”.

Most of the trainees are usually admitted at Centre Pasteur’s medical Laboratory for internship.

And a good number of them do not leave the structure. They end up as recruits.

Kathy Neba Sina

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