Explosion of Low Capacity Transformer in Deido cuts Power in Douala and Beyond

A low capacity transformer at the Electricity of Cameroon centre in Deido exploded in the evening of Sunday November 10, 2019 causing power cuts in some major neighbourhoods in the economic capital and beyond.

The explosion damaged important equipment used for the transformation and transportation of electricity to many parts of Douala.

Eyewitness account say many were confused as they saw a brall of fume from the ENEO centre in Deido that Sunday and some quickly alerted security and the firefighters.

In response to the blast and fire, the police authority quickly mobilized officers to maintain security in the unit while the fire fighters contained the flames.

Apart from extensive damages registered, no lives were lost.

The affected areas

Among the many neighbourhoods affected by the incident include;

Kotto Deido, Akwa Nord, MTN Data Center, Bonakouamouang, Akwa Boulevard de la Liberté, Sandaga, Rondpoint 4ème, Bonatone, Marché Saker, Bonamouti, Bonangando, Rue de la Joie Deido, Bépanda, Boulevard Leclerc, Zone Portuaire Amont, Bonewonda, Bonamouang, Bonabo, Bonabassem, Zone Commerciale Akwa, Boulevard Amadou Ahidjo.

Areas also affected by the transformer blast include other areas in the Mungo, the North West and South West regions.

The teams of the National Electricity Transport Society (SONATREL) have been hard at work to ensure the restoration of power in these areas.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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