International Francophone Press Union: 48th General Assembly ends in Yaounde

The 48th general Assembly of the International Francophone Press Union has wrapped up in Yaounde after four days of intense deliberations on deontology of the profession.

Cameroon’s Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi presided at the closing ceremony of the grandiose event attended by hundreds of francophone pressmen from around the globe.

Discussions at the general assembly focussed troubling areas in journalism practice such as;

# Journalism of emotions

# journalism of information

Media men and women were advised to stick strictly to the ethics of the profession and leave out their emotions while reporting news stories.

Four different workshops were organised during the four days.

#1st: How digitalisation favours journalism

#2nd Separating facts from commentary

#3rd: Photo journalism between information and drama, when the search for emotions deforms facts

#4th: Are journalists prepared for emotions?

UPF 48TH GA in Yaounde

Recommendations from the UPF 48th GA

During the closing ceremony in Yaounde, different groups presented some proposals to the assembly after working a number of working sessions.

Some of them include;

–  the introduction of emotional intelligence course in journalism schools worldwide to prepare future journalists for field practice.

– All the journalists present should respect journalism ethics and deontology to avoid being trapped by emotional reporting.

An internationally acclaimed author, Pierre Ganz, President of the France Deontology Observatory presented a book titled “Chronique de la Deontologie” to the public during the closing ceremony.

The minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi lauded the contributions of each participant to the seminar.

He exhorted the participants to apply the knowledge gained during the 48th general assembly of the UPF inprtheir daily practice of the noble profession.

Natacha Lehman

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