International Francophone Press Union: 48th General Assembly holds in Yaounde

Media professionals from 22 French speaking countries have converged on Yaounde for the 48th General Assembly of UPF.
The 4 day event for members of the Union of Francophone Press officially kicks off on Tuesday November 19, 2018 on the theme “journalism of emotions, journalism of information”.

Prior to the opening ceremony, journalists played a gala match against former Cameroon national team players at the military stadium in Yaounde.

Amongst the 300 journalists expected to participate at the event are Mandiambal Diagne International President of UPF from Senegal, Aimee Robert Bihina, (host) President of UPF Cameroon, Evelyne Owona Essomba, Vice President of UPF Cameroon, Zara Nazarian, Secretary General UPF, Khadija Ridouane, Executive Director UPF, Latefa Akharbach from Morocco, Myret Zaki from Switzerland and many other popular names in the media landscape.

During the 4 day event participants will be schooled on relevant topics by experts to improve their skills in the practice of the profession.

On the agenda there are four round table conferences with sub titles

1.Emotions in media: is it a disadvantage or a plus for information.

2. Coverage of popular events, objectivity of Information and subjectivity of emotions.

3. Emotions, manipulation and information: challenges of ethics and deontology.

4. Investigative journalism of absolute law to information.

The experts to coordinate the different workshops include, Anne Cecile Robert, publisher and author of the book “strategie de l’emotion”, Pierre Ganz, vice President of Information Deontology Observatory in France, Jean Claude Alanic TC Journalist and former mediator France2, Khaled Drareni from Algeria, Slobodan Despot, publisher at Anti Presse Switzerland and many others.

The general assembly assembly of the International Francophone Press Union is holding under the patronage of the Head of State. It ends on Thursday November 21 2019.

Natasha Lehman

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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