Risks Zones in Yaounde: Urban Council Identifies, Calls for Eviction and Protection

The Yaounde Urban Council has completed a study on the Yaounde landscape identifying risks zones in the political capital.

The objective of the land survey is to gather forecast information on different natural disasters that can occur from the geographical nature of the landscape and generate strategy on how to manage them.

The Director of Urban Planning, Architecture and Living Environment in the Yaounde Urban Council Marie Solange Mbang Efon says the council has come up with a natural disaster prevention action plan that will begin to be implemented in 2020.

She says the risks zones mapped out in the study carried out include:

#swampy areas

#Zones proned to floods

#some valleys

#Mountain slopes

Madame Mbang Efon said the Urban Council has identified thirty thousand inhabitants that will need to evacuate their residences because of dangers they might face in case of natural disaster.

She says a sensitisation campaign will be launched in 2020 to educate the population on the dangers of living in such areas.

She insisted that the government will not be responsible for any families or individuals after the campaign in case anyone is affected by any natural disaster.

The Director of Living Environment at the Yaounde Urban Council said projects are also ongoing to win back some risks zones.

Marie Solange Mbang Efon says a high-priority reafforestation excersise is among many of the activities planned by the Urban Council for 2020.

The official of the council condemned the trend of people constructing hoises without permits going against town planning rules.

She said Yaounde, the “town of seven hill” needs be carefully managed and protected for sustainability.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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