Cameroon Youth Connekt : Profiling four thriving youth enterprises


Several youth-run enterprises were at the heart of exhibitions at the Cameroon Youth Connekt village, set up to mark the official launch of the project.

The youths displayed their know-how in various disciplines, some as entrepreneurs, and others grouped in cooperatives.

Among the disciplines conspicuously represented are;

# Food transformation
# Fashion design
# Voluntary medical services
# Agriculture/ Aquaculture
# Sports
# Textile
# Telecommunications
# ICT/ Technological Development

Four outstanding Youth Enterprises Outlined:

The Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Program

The Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Program is a youth project set up by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries with the aim of reducing the importation of fish.

A fish rearing tank

It is the second highest imported food item after rice, accounting for a deficit in the balance of trade. To curb the deficit, Government launched the aquaculture entrepreneurship project in order to encourage local fish production. The Pilot phase of the project has come to an end, and the second will soon be launched. Ahead of that, government continues to support youth groups involved with aquaculture with fingerlings, feed rearing tanks , Respiratory Aquaculture Systems, and other resources. The project was represented at the Youth Connekt village by, Dr. Eboue Epie Elvis .

Dr  Eboue Epie Elvis .

The International Youth Fellowship


It is a Non-governmental Organization that seeks to get youths to have a change of mentality. The international Youth Fellowship-IYF organizes
conferences, workshops and other activities to train youths to become voluntary medical personnel. Thanks to a host of cardiologists, doctors, and nurses, the youths receive training on the basics of medicine. Youths in the informal sector are also trained in catering, decoration, and some sports disciplines like Taekwando. Every August, IYF organizes a cultural camp to help youths uphold and give value to their culture.

“Cooperative des secheurs des fruits et Legumes du Cameroon”

It is a cooperative specialized in drying fruits and vegetables for consumption, eespecially when they are out of season. The cooperative has four partners ;
# The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family,
# The Ministry of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
#The Ministry of Agriculture
# The Ministry of Trade.

Dried fruits and vegetables

Ata Mbono , a sales agent, says that the idea was born from the need to prevent wastage . He explains that women produce a lot of food, sell little and the excess goes to the trash, so preserving food is a key objective for his cooperation.

ATA Mbono, sales person

“Drying fruits and veggies helps prolong the life span . Those who do not have refrigerators can keep food for a longer period of time”. He says dried fruits, like paw paw, mangoes, plumbs, palm nuts, oranges, Lemon, coco yams, mandarin, yams can last for 6 months -1 year . Created in 2009 “Cooperative des secheurs des fruits et Legumes du Cameroon” the cooperative has a membership of over 50 women constituting 10 groups of more than 5 women in each group.


Ndamba-Along ( link) is a collective mixed sports discipline created by Cameroonian -born, Owona Mbida Otto Fils in 1997. The sports discipline was recognized by the The ministry of Sports and Physical Education in June 2011. It is a game that evolves with two teams constituting 5 players on each side. Players are students, aged 10-18, and a team is made up of both boys and girls.

A match played at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex

Twelve years after its creation, the sports discipline counts over 20 teams nationwide, with 10 in Yaounde.

Ndamba -Along team

Teams are also found in the Adamawa, Garoua, Centre, Littoral, and the West regions .

Kathy Neba Sina

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