Peace Caravan: Relative calm as NW/SW await content of Special Status

The Peace Caravan crusaders to the North West and South West regions have returned to Yaounde after about two weeks on the field to explain the recommendation of the Major National Dialogue to the populations.

The delegations led by Christian Cardinal Tumi for the North West and Bishop Andrew NKea for the South West regions were received by Prime Minister – Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute.

Their final report presented to the Head of Government indicates that there is a gradual return to peace in the two regions that are anxiously waiting the unveiling of the content of the Special Status which was one of the key recommendations of the dialogue.

The delegations that were in all the divisions of the English speaking regions contributed to confidence building efforts for a return to normalcy through the messages of peace and post dialogue recommendations given to the populations.

During the session, the Prime Minister and peace caravan members reviewed the grounds covered, challenges faced and strategies to chart the way forward.

Situation in the North West

Christian Cardinal Tumi reminded reporters that while he was launching the peace expedition, he said peace was the fruit of love.

“We should learn to love one another. To love somebody means; not to do to the person what you would not the person to do to you.

So we think that launching of the peace drive was successful. We are not saying that it was perfect, but it was a good beginning.”

The peace caravan crusaders were agreed that their return from the field does not signal an end as peace is a process that has to be harnessed and constructed daily.

Atmosphere in the South West

The Bishop of Mamfe Diocese, Bishop Andrew Nkea said that the Administration, politicians, religious leaders and the population were speaking one language ‘peace’. Sometimes there could be difference in approach but this time we had just one message ‘Peace’.

For the South West one of the messages we told our population was that to be able to implement the recommendations of the dialogue, we need a peaceful atmosphere.

There are some many recommendations we made during the Major National Dialogue and some of those recommendations are already set for implementation.

So without a peaceful atmosphere it would be difficult to get to those recommendations.

The delegations that went from village to village, subdivision to subdivision, in division to division in the North West and South West regions returned with a common plea;

“we are tired, the population is tired, they want to return to normal life. And I think that is what made the mission of the peace caravan even more successful.” Bishop Andrew Nkea head of peace caravan to the South West region said, adding that the people want peace to return.

Christain Cardinal Tumi who lead the peace mission to the North West said, “the people want to know the content of the special status for the North West and South West regions; what will make the difference.”

The detailed report of their activities and the concerns and aspirations of the populations of both regions have been handed over to the Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Njute who was the chairperson of the Major National Dialogue.

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