Start Ups/ SMES: The unique snacks made from cassava peels


Unique snacks made from cassava peels  are among the most curious locally made products at the ongoing exhibition of the National SMES Days.

The brain behind the snacks is Ernest Claude Ewoty Ndjie , CEO of a Start Up known as ENEC CROISSANCE .

Ernest Claude  Ewoty Ndjie, entrepreneur who makes snacks from cassava peels

He makes cakes, peanuts, biscuits, chin chin , and puff balls from cassava peels.

Flour obtained from from cassava feels

A simple thought

In May 2015, the Ebolowa based entrepreneur was inspired by a simple thought to make a cake from cassava peels .

” There are so many things around us which can be useful, but we neglect them. One day, I looked at a cassava tuber and told myself If fufu ,garri , starch and cassava paste can be made from cassava then cassava peels could equally be useful. The second motivation is a divine inspiration”.

That simple thought  led him to bake a simple cake using flour made from cassava peels.

”  I washed , dried and ground some cassava peels. After obtaining flour , I decided to bake a cake. I shared it to my wife, kids and neighbors, and everyone told me it was good . I hadn’t used up all the flour , so I took the rest and made the another cake the next day . I distributed it to the same people , and was again made to understand that it was excellent. That’s why I decided to continue” .

Pap, processed and bottled by Ernest Claude Ewoty Ndjie

The CEO says he did not use to treat the flour in the early days of his discovery. He simply washed, dried and ground the cassava peels . A few months later, he began to treat it before grinding.

From baking cakes , he made puff balls, and obtained a good result . By this time, his wife had bought the idea .

” After the puff balls, my wife told me the flour could be used for fufu. We tried it and it was so good. It had a semblance of fufu obtained from millet and sorghum . Then she said we should try pap. That too was successful. I pressed on , and found out that I could make biscuits and just three months ago, I added peanuts”.

After successfully making snacks from cassava peels, the next thing Ernest Claude was curious to know is the nutritional value.

Nutritional value of cassava  peelings  

The professional baker had the flour  analyzed at the Ministry of Scientific Research, and the Douala Technical Centre for Agri-food .

Preliminary results showed cassava peels  contains the following nutrients;

#Vitamin C$D

But the snacks are not yet in the market. The CEO of ENEC CROISSANCE says his goal is to get funding to set up a transformation unit.

Ernest Claude Ewoty Ndjie believes famine, suffering, unemployment and poverty can be conquered through through hard work and concerted efforts.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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