2020 Municipal Election: 127 appeals heard at Administrative Bench of Supreme Court

Four days of hearings of Pre-electoral petition appeals at the Audit bench of the Supreme Court has ended.

A total of 127 litigations were heard with over 60 thrown out for poor filing.
This Tuesday, 21st January 2020 was the climax of a two day debate between the SDF, CPDM and ELECAM on whether or not the SDF list in Yaounde VI should be retained.

The Administrative bench of the Supreme Court finally gave it’s verdict in favour of the CPDM rejecting the SDF list.

The appeal was filed in by the CPDM that was contesting the decision of the Administrative Court of Yaounde for reinstating the SDF list that had been rejected by the Electoral Board of ELECAM for non payment of deposit.

The SDF defence pleaded that they paid on time but were not issued receipts to attach to their files.

The Administrative bench of the Supreme Court confirmed the decision of ELECAM to throw out the list.

The leader of the PURS party Serge Espoir Matomba sat through the hearings that say his party given the chance to run in Nkomnyabeta in the Mbam and Inoubou division.

The CPDM had accused PURS of last minute transfer of candidates from other parties into their party but the court stated that the law authorises Cameroonians to move freely from one political party to another.

The National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP saw their lists in Pitoua, Garoua 2 and Idenau reinstated.

The Administrative Bench of the Supreme Court give the CDP the opportunity to compete in Akwaya in the South West region.

The CPDM lists in Nkongsamba 3 in the Littoral regionwas retained. It was also a favourable verdict for the SDF in Douala 1 and in Batibo.

The CPNR of Cabral Libii and the MCNC also had lists reinstated in some localities.

The close of the hearings paves the way for ELECAM to establish the final list of political parties and lists of candidates retained to run for the February 9 municipal election in all the 360 subdivisions of Cameroon.

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