Horror at GHS Nkolbisson: 15 Year Old Stabs Teacher To Death

A fifteen year old male student at the Government High School Nkolbisson in Yaounde is under police custody after stabbing and killing his mathematics teacher.

According to eyewitness accounts, the drama unfolded this Tuesday January 13, 2020 in the Form Three (4me) classroom of the institution.

Njoni Tchakounte Maurice

Sources say the 26 year old mathematics teacher, Njoni Tchakounte Maurice during his lesson tried sending out the 15 year old student from his class because of previous acts of disrespect.

The student showed retaliation and refused to leave the classroom.

26 year old Njoni tried forcing the young lad out of the classroom but the scene quickly turned into a scuffle.

After attempts of hitting the teacher was not very successful, the student pulled out a weapon which the mates say was a knife and stabbed his mathematics teacher with.

Panic and fear gripped the classroom, students screamed in fright calling the attention of other teachers from their classrooms.

In an attempt to rescue the situation, the teacher was quickly transported to the Yaounde Teaching Hospital (CHU) but it was too late.

The teacher, Njoni Tchakounte Maurice died from the stabbed wounds inflicted on him by his own student.

The student has been apprehended by the forces of law and order and investigations have been opened.

Divisional Officer reassures

After the monstrous act by the student, the Divisional Officer of the Yaounde 7 subdivision Elie Mwandjo Nsangue addressed the press on the issue.

He said security measures of the school are on a good lane.

He encouraged teachers to continue their noble work of dishing out knowledge diligently to learners.

The Minister of Secondary Education, Prof, Nalova Lyonga shortly after the incident held a crisis meeting with close collaborators and staff of the school to manage the ongoing situation.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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