2020 Youth Day: Minister opens Youth Village and calls for civic behaviour

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Fosto has officially opened the Youth Village at the Yaoundé Multipurpose Sports Complex ahead of the 54th National Youth Day Celebrations.

Hundreds of pupils and students of both public and private schools in Yaoundé have turned out to be witnesses, to the opening of the 6th edition of the Youth village.

political activists

During the opening ceremony, a group of political activists headed by Prof Justine Ndifor, President of the Non Governmental Association, Women in Politics who called on the youth to let their voices be heard.

She told them to shone fear, go out massively and vote in the February 9, 2020 twin polls and say no to election boycott.

Prelates of different denominational background have come together and prayed for peace and security in Cameroon, especially ahead Of the February 9 twin elections.

They also called on the youths to be loyal and civic citizens.


The 2020 Youth Village

Over 110 stands have already been set up at the 2020 youth village for different exhibitions.

The Youth Village is a suitable space that permits a unique gathering and develops a wide range of awareness-raising, brewing, exchange, information, training, intermediation and sensitization activities based on the main theme of the celebration.

This platform put in place during the 11 days of Youth Celebration “Onzaine de la Jeunesse”, is at the benefit of young people from all sectors, with a consideration of local realities.

It is also a festive, fellowship, participative space, offering diverse products to promote and share with the public, actions carried out by the State for young people.

Reference activities held at the Youth village refer to major activities taking placenationwide in a harmonised and synchronised manner throughout the National Territory.

In concrete terms, these activities are:

– Youth Chat oniLine;

– U-Report;

– Youth Connekt Space

– Socio-Economic Opportunities Fair;

– Diaspora Youth Entrepreneurial Days;

– Citizenship and National Integration Activities;

– Promotional Fair of Youth Initiatives and Creativity;

– Activities to promote voluntary commitment;

– Socio-cultural Activities;

– Sporting Activities.

 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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