Coronavirus : Yangtze University Confirms a Cameroonian Student got infected


Authorities of Yangtze University say  a twenty-one-year old Cameroonian student is currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Southern Jingzhou city, after testing positive for the Coronavirus.

The student was identified as Kem Senou Pavel Darly.

Authorities of the University  said he had been admitted to hospital, and is responding to treatment.

In two separate accounts published by the BBC Pidgin and Africa news  the statement says ;

“The university has provided psychological comfort to the student and has reported the situation to his parents and the embassy. At present, the student is actively cooperating with the treatment in the hospital. His body temperature has been normal for two consecutive days. He has good spirit and a healthy appetite and his vital organs are stable,” the University said

Kem Senou Pavel reportedly took ill after returning from Wuhan-Hubei province, where he traveled for a visit.

He becomes the first African to contract the deadly disease which has recorded close to 18,000 confirmed cases and almost 400 deaths.

This case raises concerns about the wellbeing of over 300 Cameroonian students trapped in Wuhan currently on a lockdown.

To assure the Cameroonian public of their wellbeing, the Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon , Wang Yingwu told journalists that his government has the situation under control during a press conference on February 3, in Yaounde .

Back in Cameroon, the Public Health Minister, Manaouda Malachie has also recently announced a series of measures to prevent the virus from spreading into the country.

Kathy Neba Sina

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