Cameroonian bass guitarist Ntoumba Minka Is No More.

The singer of l’homme est mauvais (men are wicked), Died on Monday, February 17 2020  in Paris France after an illness.

Ntoumba Minka who grew to prominence over a decade ago was born in June 1961.
The singer is known to have begun music while he was in secondary school in  Mbalmayo, in the Centre region of Cameroon.

In 1980,  the native of the Centre started being noticed when he sang in the  national Orchestra before going  to Côte d’ Ivoire to fine-tune his style.
In 2005, the singer, composer and bass guitarist released one of his popular song” L’homme est mauvais” a track which made people know world wide.

Ntoumba Minka before dying released  albums such as sexy Makero, Sacrifice and Boomerang.

Some of his popular titles:
– ” A qui la faute

– Edza Djom

– Marie Koko

– L’homme est mauvais

– Mbale

– Wetama

– A qui la faute

– Nkana

– Deception

– Hommage

– Barbeku

– Abogais

– “Faux Amis”

The artist leaves behind children and fans who will forever remember him.

*Natacha Lehman*

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