Covid-19: PRODEL, FEICOM and other organisations take their work home

Stay home and stay safe is the frontline prescription by governments worldwide and the World Health Organisation in the wake of the corona virus pandemic.

In a crisis meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Chief Doctor Joseph Dion Ngute, measures were announced to contain or stop the spread of the virus.

Some of the measures include social distancing, virtual learning and conferences and reducing the number of staff in meetings.

While some structures are still trying to adjust to the new measures, others have already taken a comfortable lead.

PRODEL Activities

Covid-19: PRODEL and FEICOM among others set example

The Livestock Development Project (PRODEL) under the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industry and the Special Fund for Equipment and Inter-Municipal Assistance (FEICOM) among other structures are taking the lead to safety measures.

PRODEL whose efficiency is mostly based on field operations, getting contact with livestock breeders in the nooks and crannies of the country are taking a step back from field activities.

The Director of the Littoral branch of PRODEL, Dr Yessi Anthony says the structure is implementing all the measures prescribed by the government in order to stay safe from the corona virus.

Dr. Yessi says very hygienic measures have been put in place for the health security of its personnel.

Apart from providing hand sanitisers in all available offices, there is a running tap with soap at the entrance of the office building where all getting in are obliged to thorough hand washing.

After a meeting held with the Douala staff, the Director says they were advised to work from home and limit the risks of being infected.

A few people will follow up on activities in the office.

PRODEL staffers will still rigorously follow-up on field activities by keeping in communication with field partners through digital software.

FEICOM Head Office

FEICOM has also adhered to similar measures; from restriction on the number of visitors to the offices, educating staff on healthy habits and curbing the number of personnel in meetings.

As a social responsibility duty, the organisation using the Director General’s image, Philippe Camille Akoa have sent out an educative video on different social media platforms, educating the people on hygienic habits they should follow.

To many others, the prescription is simple; Stay home and Stay safe.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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