COVID19: University of Yaounde I takes preventive measures

The University of Yaounde I (UYI) will experience a change in its teaching and learning pedagogy following measures taken at a crisis meeting at the institution to cub the spread of the corona virus.

Ther will be a change in the university’s programme from March 17 to April 13 2020 in order to avoid crowds of students in one area and avoid the spread of COVID19.

COVID19: Measures taken by the University of Yaounde I

According to the release issued by the university’s rector Prof. Maurice Aurelien Sosso, there is going to be a fundamental change in the way lessons are dished out to students.

There will be a shift from traditional classroom teaching to digital pedagogy.

The University Centre for Information and Technology (CUTI) will create a platform where teachers will upload their lessons online.

The CUTI will create a URL link for students to access courses online.

Students and teachers of different departments will share a platform where they can share information electronically and have video conference lessons.

All national and international scientific activities to hold on the campuses of the University of Yaounde I have been suspended.

COVID19: UYI on Hygiene

The University of Yaounde I is on a hygiene vanguard, encouraging all students to respect basic sanitation rules in order not to spread the virus.

Some of the measures the university will implement in the days ahead include;

  • Installing hand washing facilities around campus
  • Discourage physical contact between students
  • Encourage frequent washing of hands during the day
  • Encourage students to disinfects equipment they touch regularly such as telephones and laptops
  • Cough in a tissue paper and discard of it in a closed bin and wash hands rigorously

Administratively, all national and international missions of the university have been suspended except otherwise.

  • Suspension of the campus shuttle means of transportation
  • All cinematographic and artistic screenings and performances will be suspended.
  • Halt of all group sporting activities on campus
  • Rehabilitation of infirmaries on the different campuses of the UYI
  • The Nkolbison Biotechnology centre has been cited as a centre for diagnostics for the corona virus.

In addition to these measures which went into effect this Monday March 16 2020, areas such as the library and restaurants will still remain operational but with much caution.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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