#237vote: SDF’S Stance On March 22 Partial Election And Covid-19 Unveiled

The Social Democratic Front, SDF party has made public its decision to respect the verdict of the Constitutional Council following post legislative election rerun petitions.

The declaration was made in front of press men and women in Yaoundé by the Vice Chairman of the Party, Honourable Joshua Osih in the presence of Honourable Joseph Mbah Ndam.

He indicated that the Constitutional Council deemed all 12 petitions by the SDF for the cancellation of the partial election of March 22, 2020 in the North West and South West regions inadmissible.

However, the party believes that irregularities and insecurity affected the conduct of the polls.

Honourable Joshua Osih pointed out that the same conditions that led to the organization of the rerun featured once again.

He outlined,

“-The transfer and relocation of polling stations to public regrouping centres,

– The distances of voters to get to these so call polling centres,

– The non publication of polling stations before the ballot in the Constituencies concerned,

– The absence of local ELECAM representatives in most of the constituencies,

– Failure to consider the security of voters,

– The impossibility to campaign.”

Despite the complaints enumerated, the Vice  Chairman says the SDF acknowledges the verdict of the Constitutional Council.

“We are bound by virtue of our Constitutional responsibility to respect it.”

The SDF also dispelled allegations that the party was involved in any election fixing negotiations.

He assured supporters and sympathizers of the SDF that the party will transform its current difficulties into a rebound.

SDF Calls For Patriotism In The Fight Against COVID-19

The Vice Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, also presented his party’s stance with regards to the ongoing fight against the Nouvelle Corona Virus, COVID-19.

“The present situation calls for all Cameroonians to stand together, to put our partisan inclinations aside and fight this pandemic as the mother of all battles we have ever faced. These are not times for partisan politics.”

Hon Joshua Osih in an emphatic tone pointed out that “this pandemic calls for the solidarity and patriotism of all.”

The press conference was organized at a time when the number of persons infected by the COVD-19 had just crossed the 500 mark.

Elvis Teke

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