#COVID19: Civil Protection Weighs In

The Directorate of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Territorial Administration has launched a vast awareness campaign on the respect of barrier measures against Covid19.

The five day campaign is taking place in markets and other public spaces in Yaoundé.

The operation kicked off on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at the Madagascar market in Yaoundé II subdivision.

During the exercise, the main targets were traders, customers and other mobile vendors who get in regular contact with banknotes that are likely to spread the virus will be sensitized.

The campaign seeks to make people aware of how to prevent Corona virus.
The Directorate of Civil Protection at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Mariatou Yap, said that the populations does not sufficiently respect the barrier measures prescribed by the government.

The non respect of the measures is responsible for the sudden rise in the numbers of confirmed cases which already exceeds five thousand.

She indicated that after the launch in Yaoundé, the relay in other localities will be assured by the administrative authorities.

Campaign Messages

Some 25 messages have been prepared by the Directorate of Civil Protection which focus essentially on the effective application of the barrier measures by all.

Emphasis is laid particularly on hand washing with running water and soap, systemic wearing of the mask, and respect of social distancing of at least one meter.

The teams use posters and portable speakers to reach out to the beneficiaries.

They explain the content of the barrier measures to traders through educational talks.

The team led by the Director of Civil Protection, Mariatou Yap plans to take the campaign message to travel agencies, particularly those in Tongolo and Mvan, neighborhoods which handles a large number of travelers on a daily basis.

In view of the resumption of classes on June 1, 2020, the awareness campaign will be extended to several schools in the city of Yaoundé.

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