Culture : Amusement Parks And Other Leisure Sites Gradually Opening Doors

Amusement Parks have been locked down for almost 2 months now,all in a bid to stop the propagation of COVID-19, but, with the strict respect of preventive measures, they are now functioning

After Goverment released the19 measures aimed at stoping the spread of the Corona Virus, some amusement parks in Yaounde and zoo’s have started opening their doors to visitors while respecting sanitary measures.

Majority of these leisure sites mostly open as from 12 O’clock, time for them to clean and disinfect the structure in the morning.
Just about 40 visitors per day are welcomed, to avoid overcrowding, and they are urged to wear face masks.
At the entrance of most of these amusements parks and Zoos such as the Ahala park, the Mvog Mbeti Zoo and many others, there is running water and Soap at the entrances where visitors are obliged to wash their hands before accessing the structure.
Through out the day cleaning agents, disinfecting various spots frequently used by kids to play are carried out.

According to the head of one of the leisure sites, they have reduced the entry fee to attract visitors who are still reluctant to visit the parks due to the Corona Virus.
The idea of opening leisure sites by owners have been welcomed by visitors who say it was difficult staying with children at home without taking them out to relax.

Natacha Lehman

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