Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea Border Security: Experts Meet in Yaoundé to Resolve Skirmishes

Experts from Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea have begun a two day meeting in Yaoundé this Monday June 29, 2020 to seek concrete solutions to the skirmishes along the common border.

For two days experts will focus on issues patterning to border security of the two countries which has lately been affray.

Caneroon-Equatorial Guinea; the border worries

For some months now, there has been regular unrest at the Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea border which has been a hub for economic activity.

Cameroon Equatorial Guinea border security meeting

Populations of both sides have raised complaints about rights and property violations on each other.

Cameroon has accused Equatorial Guinea of encroaching into state lands while the latter accuses the other of illegal activity on the border area.

These have led to confrontations between the local populations and also between the military forces of both countries.

The activities there have been keenly followed up by the bother authorities which they say, they have been making meaningful efforts to bring order.

On a visit to the border area, Cameroon’s South Region Governor Felix Nguele Nguele said there have been several skirmishes along the border with Equatorial Guinea’s military.

Nguele said while nobody was killed, several troops were wounded, and goods were destroyed on both sides of the border.

Cameroon Equatorial Guinea border security meeting 3

Cognisant of the healthy bilateral ties Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea share, Presidents Paul Biya and Obiang Nguama set up a strategy meeting in Yaoundé with experts and officials of the Ministry of Defence of both countries to bring a convenient end to the border crisis.

As the meeting opened this Monday at the Yaoundé Hilton hotel, both parties made the commitment to work together to resolve the border security problem.

Cameroon Equatorial Guinea border security meeting

On the side lines of this landmark event, the Minister of National Defence for Equatorial Guinea and other statesmen paid a courtesy visit to Cameron’s Secretary of State at the Presidency in charge of Defence Joseph Beti Assomo.

They elaborated on the fraternal historic, sociocultural and geographic ties that both countries share.

The defence authorities shared instances where they both helped each other fight crime and worked for the growth of both nations.

Both parties all agreed to carry out healthy deliberations that will put an end to the border crisis between Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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