Higher Education: Doctorate/PhD Holders Hail The Head of State.


They have been newly recruited in 8 State’s Universities thanks to the Head of State’s decision for the recruitment of 2000 Lecturers which started in 2018.

Dressed in their robes and others in their normal attire , members of the collective group of Doctorate/PHD holders of the 8 State’s Universities, recently recruited marched from the 20th May boulevard to the Ministry of Higher Education.
This was to show their gratitude for what the Head of State has done for them.

The March past headed by the President of the collective was under Police control and in strict compliance with the barrier measures prescribed by Government against COVID-19.

The President of the Collective group of Doctorate/PHD holders Moustapha Nsangou on behalf of his colleagues, thanked the Head of State for the special recruitment before the Minister of State in charge of Higher Education Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo.

“We say thank you to the Head of State President Paul Biya because he heard our cries after we set-up this collective group in 2017 to present our grievances, concerning the unemployment of PHD and Doctorate degree holders. He later authorized the recruitment of 2000 University Lecturers within 3 years. In 2019,there was a first recruitment of 1237 Doctors then in 2020,359 through digital means.The process is still ongoing and what we can do is to thank Him for everything”

The collective wrote a thank you motion which they handed to the Minister of State in charge of Higher Education to channel it to the President of the Republic.

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo while receiving the newly recruited University Lecturers at the Plaza of the Ministry called on them to be at the service of science, be professionals and competent.
He later gave his blessings and exhorted the collective to ask those behind them to be patient so as to avoid thesame mistakes as these same recruits organised a strike at the end of 2019 after the first results were published.

Natacha Lehman

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