Parliament: Bills To Regulate Arts And Culture Associations Defended In Committees

Two bills relating to the management of artistic and cultural associations have been defended by members of government at committee level at the National Assemble.

Committee On Constitutional Laws

The bill to amend and supplement certain provisions of Law 90/53 of December 19, 1990 relating to freedom of association has been defended at the Committee on Constitutional Laws at the National Assembly by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji.

The bill seeks to organize specific management methods for artistic and cultural associations. According to the bill, “Political Parties, Trade Unions, Sports associates, nongovernmental organization as well as artistic and cultural associations shall be managed by separate instruments.”

Minister Paul Atanga Nji explained that bill seeks to unlock the huge potential of the arts and culture sectors in order to foster development of cultural enterprises and industries that will create wealth and jobs.

Cultural Affairs Committee

Bill to amend and supplement some provisions of the law of freedom of associations paved the way for the drafting of another bill to regulate Artistic and Cultural Associations in Cameroon. It defended at the Cultural Affairs Committee at the National Assembly by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mpkatt.

He explained that bill seeks to professionalize the arts and culture sector and revitalize the artistic and cultural movement in the country. It will also professionalize the sector in a bid to create jobs and wealth.

Under the bill, Artistic and cultural associations including companies, Union, Guilds and Federations will be placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Arts and Culture.  The associations will be formed and managed freely in accordance to the law. The Ministry also gives approval to national and foreign association wishing to function as Artistic and Cultural associations.

The Minister noted emphatically that only one Federation will exit for any particular type of Artistic and Cultural associations.

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