Parliament: Honourable Joseph Mbah Ndam Begins Journey To Eternity

The sun has set never to rise again as an Iroko tree in the Moghamo dynasty journeys to the land of the Ancestors.

One of the key anchors of the SDF party, Honourable Dr Joseph Mbah Ndam, former deputy Speaker of the National Assemble, first and lone Cameroonians to have served simultaneously as member of the National Assembly of Cameroon, the CEMAC Parliament and the Pan African Parliament has been laid to rest.

The former legal adviser of the Social Democratic Front party was buried at his Komo residence in Yaoundé on Saturday, June 27, 2020 after a funeral ceremony that lasted two days with about a dozen eulogies.

The University don and PhD holder had been parliamentarian for 27 years before dying at the age of 65.

Not even the covid19 pandemic could hinder a befitting burial for the states man whose contribution in fostering the legal and democratic processes in the country are unmeasured.

Former and current members of the National Assembly as well as members of government joined the Momo community to pay final tribute to one of the pillars of Cameroon’s democracy.

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Honourable Hilarion Etong described his views during the Chairmen’s conference at the National Assembly as always enriching.

The Speaker of the Pan African Parliament, Honourable Roger Nkodo Ndang described the late statesman as a conciliator who always sought for a consensus amongst member countries at the Pan African Parliament. The demise of one of the founding members of the SDF has also been described as the fall of a baobab tree in the Social Democratic Front, SDF party. The Deputy Chairman of the party Honourable Joshua Osih regretted.

His burial attended by a college of Traditional Rulers from the North West region and was marked by a display of the cultures and traditions of the Momo people.

Dance groups and masquerades took turns to display in from of the dignitaries as the celebrated the life of the great man in line with the Moghamo customs and traditions.

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