The Electricity Sector Regulator Agency (ARSEL) True To It’s Tasks.

The Director General of ARSEL, Jean Pascal Nkou, recently addressed a correspondence to the Director General of ENEO as a result of the numerous complains by electricity consumers, emanating from excessive electricity bills received during the last two months.

The Role Of ARSEL

Established by Law #098/022 of December 24, 1998, governing the electricity sector in Cameroon, repealed and replaced by law #2011/022 of December 14, 2011, and supplemented by Decree #2013-203 of January 28, 2013, ARSEL has among its missions, to protect the interests of consumers and ensure the protection of their rights in relation to the price, supply and quality of electricity. It is inline with its role that the Director General of ARSEL Addressed a letter to the General Manager of ENEO concerning over billing consumers electricity consumption, for quite sometime now. It is based on the numerous complaints of over charging that ARSEL’s Director General in charge of the electricity regulatory sector stepped in to control the tariff system, and also obtain explanations from the electricity provider in Cameroon, ENEO.



ENEO’s Response

Following the allegations put forward in the letter addressed to the Director General of ENEO, through a video conference with top officials of both companies, the electricity provider ENEO, recognize the legitimate allegations of electricity consumers, that of (excessive electricity charges), but remarked that COVID-19 Pandemic is one of the reasons, because the index recording subcontracted by another company were no longer dispatched on the fields to record electricity consumptions, monthly, therefore billing was done in an arbitrary manner to the detriment of the consumer. Another reason brought forth during the video conference in an attempt to solve the high tariffs, was the new system of recording based on the recording of index, experimented by ENEO. That too, was to the disadvantage of consumers. Last but not the least, is the high cost of electricity recording agents dispatched on the field. This cost a lot of money to the electricity provider ENEO, which is why they were trying to encourage consumers to videotape their electricity meters and send to “MyEasyLight” after creating an account online with them, but that too, has a lot of discrepancy, and does not favor the consumers.


Possible Solutions

As of now, all the unorthodox methods of recording electricity consumptions have been suspended, according to the Director General of ARSEL. It was also agreed by both director generals (ARSEL and ENEO)that all the superfluous charges have to be reviewed and corrected to arrive at a common, but just solution. Both parties agreed that ENEO, should be given sometime to fix all the mess to the benefit of its consumers.

However, the Director General of ARSEL, Jean Pascal Nkou, seized the opportunity to inform the public that his institution is at the service of the population, to protect their interests and ensure the protection of their rights in relation to the price, supply and quality of electricity. The Public is free to launch all complains to ARSEL should in case they have any disputes concerning their bills or the quality of electricity.

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