US Homicide : Chris /Annie Takam die in crime of passion

Police in Cincinnati -USA, are investigating a murder case of a Cameroonian estranged couple , Chris Takam and Annie Takam .

Chris Takam is reported to have shot his ex-wife dead in their residence in Clermont county on June 14.

Chris Takam

The 49-year-old man called officers to the scene on Misty Lake Lane off of Blainfield Court, around 12.40pm.

Annie  Takam

But he pulled the trigger on himself before the arrival of the cops.

Reports say the estranged couple divorced recently . Following the divorce, Annie Takam obtained all her ex-husband’s  property, exclusive custody of their three kids , and Chris was required to pay a monthly pension to his ex-wife for the upkeep of their kids.

The situation did not go well with Chris as sometime in June 2019,  put up a post on his Facebook page insinuating  vengeance. The post said,

“Real life lesson.
Never let anybody play you. When that happens, everybody will tell you « don’t worry, God will make them pay ». Don’t listen to that BS. Nobody has ever come back from death to tell us how it works on the other side. If someone plays you here, make them pay here and now. I don’t believe in life beyond death. We live only once. Period”.

Screenshot of Chris Takam’s Facebook post

Following the sad incident, Annie ‘s boyfriend , Craig Bryson put up a Facebook post in which he paid heart warming tribute to the nurse.

Two days after the murder, the estranged couple’s 18 year old son write a touching tribute to his mum.

” You were the last person who deserved this. You really sacrificed for me , my brother and sister . To see you leave this way is heart-wrenching. You were all I had , you were my greatest inspiration and you really taught me when you were here. I promise to do all to make you proud , as you said, God always has a plan , and we will overcome because we are only three left now, and i need to stay strong for my brothers , sisters and you . I love you . Rest In Peace mom and dad”.

Late Annie Takam and her three kids

The Cameroonian community in Cincinnati has created a “Gofundme” to support the children.

The new murder case has raised widespread concerns about the US family Law which gives more rights to the woman in case of a divorce.

Many say frustrated husbands have resorted to killing their estranged wives as a pay back for what they consider an injustice.


Kathy Neba Sina

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