2020 Exams: Schools Are Urged To Beef-up Security Measures


The General Delegation For National Security signed a circular letter recently calling on schools to double security measures ahead of the upcoming exams following the recent happenings in town.

In the month of June 2020, there was an explosion of an artisanal bomb in the Melen and Emana neighborhood in Yaounde. A recent one happened in Damase in the Yaounde 6 Council on July 2.
Following this, security measures have to be reinforced in Schools as students will soon write official exams nationwide.

Heads of Schools have been urged to follow certain directives proposed by the General Delegation For National Security for a smooth unfolding of exams.

– There should be atleast 2 security guards to check the entire campuses every morning before exams starts to make sure there are no suspected weapons .

– With the help of Forces of law and Order, students, teachers and the entire personnel should be checked before entering the School Campus.

– Schools should limit frequent access of students and teachers in and out of the School.

– Heads of Schools should sensitize students, teachers and the entire staff to be vigilant on campus if they suspect anything.

– Call the Police toll free number in case of any suspicious weapon found in the School Campus, in a student’s bag or any other person. This include artisinal or real guns, car or motorcycle batteries among others.

Police stations, schools in Yaounde, and else where just like at the Government high school Anguisa are already taking measures for a smooth unfolding of the exams.They have also discussed with teachers and students on the security measures put in place.

According to the General Delegation for National Security these measures should also be applied even at home for everyone’s protection.

Natacha Lehman

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